Yoga Holiday Packages

Agama Yoga Colombia together with Hostel Finca San Pedro also offers holidays packages combining a bit of Tantra, Yoga and Meditation with other activities.

We are now offering:

Magic Weekend for Couples

This 3 day 2 nights package includes a Yoga special practice for couples, a walk through national park, and relaxing moments. The Yoga practice is specially design for couples to improve their sexual lives, together with the Love making. This goes together with a talk with a certified Tantra teacher who will explain the why and how of many aspects of this practice, which then you can bring back home like a program you can follow.

The couples will expend their nights here in the suit room of the farm, drinking purified water, breathing pure air, listening to music that resonates with what Love is and sleeping in magnetized mattresses. Next days in the morning a healthy breakfast will be waiting for you. And together with all that, the couple will also have wonderful moments having a sauna and massages and walking through nature in a beautiful national park.