What is Agama Yoga ?

India and Tibet have gifted a beautiful Tantric vision to world spirituality. Agama Yoga integrally weaves rational thinking of the West with these mystical traditions of the East. The modern scientist in you will appreciate the common sense presentation of metaphysical and spiritual truths, while the mystic in you will dissolve in the magic and sacredness of these teachings.

We offer regular hatha yoga classes, lectures and group meditations to guide and support you on the way of spiritual evolution and Self-realization. 5,000 years of Yoga tradition have given us many guideposts along the path, such as the “law of resonance”, or the direct correspondence between the human and the Universe. Yoga also teaches us that the basis of life and the Universe is energy which can be directly perceived, controlled, and stored in various areas of the body. During your hatha yoga practice we’ll introduce you to greater awareness of the polarity of energy, plus (+) and minus (-). We can also call this feminine and masculine, Shakti and Shiva, yin and yang, or the moon and the sun. In Tantra Yoga we call upon the wisdom of Taoist and Hindu teachers as we balance these polarities in each individual through physical postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, visualizations, meditations, etc. We also teach the principles behind sacred lovemaking within a loving couple by honoring the three pillars: sexual continence, love, and the cultivation of sacredness.

Agama Yoga offers you a path which honors the spiritual teachings presented in the Vedas, the Bible, the Koran, the Upanishads, the Kabbalah, Indian and Tibetan Tantras, Buddhist texts, and many other spiritual scriptures as contributions to the unveiling of the One Truth. We invite you to the realm of the true yogi.