Wellness Center

Besides the Yoga school, it is our intention to build a proper wellness center/spa. At the moment we only have these two services available: sauna and massage. But in the future, we hope to be able to offer more complete services like: detox systems, jacuzzi, and many others. Ideas and support are welcome from your side to make it possible.


On a cold day or after a couple of hours of hiking in the mountains you can relax in one of our portable saunas. We use different kind of herbs and besides we also do it with music-therapy, herbal-therapy, aroma-therapy and color-theraphy to increase the beneficial effects of the sauna. Each entrance last aprox. 10 minutes and you can can have up to three on each session. We recommend to do this as an important part of the process of purification that we all need. You will definitely feel more high and light and therefore more relaxed afterwards. Please ask for rates and if there will be sessions available while you stay.


A good massage relieves stress and tension in your muscles and promotes a sense of well-being. It also relaxes you and promotes a good sleep, besides more deep and complex benefits, like been able to help you to get rid of pain of the body. Enjoy the massages that we offer here which are given by professional women who`ve been specially trained for this. This is a perfect combination with our saunas. Please ask for rates and if there will be sessions available while you stay.