Testimonials for the First Level Intensive, Tantra and Mystical dance workshops:

Alfredo from México: First Level November 2013 Tantra workshops December 2013:

My name is Alfredo, I am a 19 year old mexican travelling around South America and decided to stay at Finca San Pedro for a month to do these two courses.

At first I arrived at Finca San Pedro for complete different purposes and just entered a class out of simple curiosity and since the first day was free. I had never done yoga before and to be honest, I had a negative image of this practice. However, the feeling I got after my first class and the evening lecture convinced me that the best decision I could make was to wait for the next course to start and do it completely.

The classes were even better once you got to practice regularly and the information I received is invaluable. The approach to yoga in this school is extremely different to any other school I have ever heard of. The physical practice is always attached to exercises of the mind and always focused in a spiritual way. And even if I wasn’t so into spirituality, I enjoyed every class of this amazing course.

Due to lack of time and other problems, the Tantra Workshop was made in the middle of the course and interrupted the rhythm of the Yoga Course, which was unfortunate. Apart from that, the Workshop was given in four days instead of five and therefore, the Workshop was too intense for me. Still, I found it really interesting and I feel glad I had the opportunity to do such a thing.

Outside the classes, I volunteered at the Finds doing some “Karma Yoga” at the garden, which was also a good experience. Besides, living at the Finca with the other students was a beautiful complement to the course.

I fully recommend both courses to those who are looking for something new, no matter what you think this might be.

Fernanda from Brazil: First Level September 2013 Tantra workshop Octuber 2013 and Few Mystical dance workshops:

Agama Yoga Colombia is a truly jewel. It is located in the beautiful Finca San Pedro, a very calm place surrounded by some very nice mountains. Is a very traditional school , which offers the ancient tantric knowledge. My experience there transformed myself in a deep way. Was amazing.

I first took the Yoga course , the first level, in September. Which is a very complete course, not only we had the yoga practice but also lectures every night.. The teachers are great! Very prepared and they were always there to answer my questions, help me with my doubts, or anything. After the Yoga course was finished I took the Tantra 1 workshop , which is offered there, by the school and by some of the same teachers. Was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I felt so happy and thankful to be learning these teachings, specially because most of them are secret.

I also took mystical dance classes , which are only for women, and I loved it. It was not only dance but a deep searching to our feminine power through several types of practices. I can only say good things about the school, and I doubt that there are many places like this in this world.

All the best for the school and all the teachers =)

Mieka from Belgium: First Level September 2013 Tantra workshop Octuber 2013:

Agama Yoga’s first level intensive is not just 5 hours of yoga postures a day. Yoga is so much more than physical exercise – Yoga is a science, a holistic philosophy, a way of life. It is this spiritual depth of Yoga that is very much emphasized in Agama and in such a beautiful way! The correspondance and resonance between yourself and the cosmos, the way the energy flows through the body during the asana’s, the moral recommendations… all this is presented in daily lectures and through movies and documentaries – good for almost eight hours of uplifting immersion a day.

What attracts me the most to Agama is the tantric approach. Tantra in the widest sense of the word: everything in the Universe stems from a divine play of polarity. Shiva does not exist without Shakti, the masculine not without the feminine, yang not without yin, the positive not without the negative. Whereas many spiritual approaches focus on transcendence, Tantra is a reevaluation of the feminine forces of Life, a devotion to all of manifestation. Tantra seeks to rebalance the masculine and the feminine, consciousness as well as energy, light, life, emotions… Doing yoga with this level of awareness allows you to reconnect to the source of all that exists, the creative principle of the universe. Truly a sacred practise!

The teachers of Agama Yoga Colombia – Hubert and Sofia – such a sweet couple, awesome and devoted teachers and yogi’s, sharing their knowledge from the depth of their experience with such humble integrity and inspiring enthusiasm…

The school is located in a beautiful finca. You are surrounded by rolling mountains, there is a breathtaking lake nearby, charming little villages and a diversity of rare ecosystems. The owner of the finca, Juan, is very helpful in arranging excursions…

Testimonials for the Tantra workshops:

David from Colombia: Tantra workshop December 2013:

Hello , my name is David and I was last week in Colombia performing Agama Yoga tantra workshop 1. After several months researching Tantra and looking for a reliable place where knowledge was genuine , I found online Agama yoga Colombia and decided to hold the workshop offered by this school.

I must say I had high expectations and the workshop exceeded all levels for its depth in knowledge, the methodology that was developed and the intensity and effectiveness of the exercises practiced. The teachers I had the honor to meet and reflect a broad command of the subject is noted for his human qualities and his constant willingness to clarify questions that arose.

All this took place within the family friendly atmosphere of the San Pedro beautiful estate with its beautiful architecture and greenery provides the best scenario for such a deep and spiritual as this activity. I stayed with a broad and rich knowledge that will undoubtedly enhance my growth in all other aspects of my life and I’ll be on the lookout tantra workshop 2 to continue growing this wonderful spiritual path.