Mystical Dance Workshop

“At the moment this workshop is not active, but we hope to have new teachers of Mystical dance soon, to be able to continue with this beautiful proyect”.


You are invited to join the journey into the depth of the divine feminine nature.

Come learn how to let the Shakti flow through you. Tap into your inner richness “ bring it up to the world. We will approach dance as a spiritual practice, continuously bringing the awareness inwards. By understanding the energetics of dance based on ancient chakra system of India we will experience the deep power of dance.

The Mystical Dance weaves together many forms of sacred dance and Tantric movement expression. You will learn the art of ritual belly dance, spiritual trance dance, prayer dance, and chakra dance. Underscoring this will be the practices of transfiguration in its many facets, presence and surrender in dance, harnessing and focusing the sexual energy through movement.

We will be exploring our divine feminine and masculine polarities, working with the veil and candle dances, “Devi Fingers” Dance of Ferocious Compassion, Sufi Whirling, Mystical Trance Dance and lots of sacred belly dance fusion, interactive exercises for understanding our yin and yang energies, and moving through the five senses, and other practices that will help us embrace and empower our true nature.There is also a possibility to introduce the secret jade egg practices in a very unique and empowering women’s circle.

Who is invited?

The Mystical Dance Workshop and classes are open to any woman who would like to delve deeper into the inter-relationship between movement and sacred practice. We will focus on experiencing the mystical aspect of movement rather than the mastery of technique.

No dance experience required, this class is open only for women.


We offer 4 different courses: Weekly 1,5 hour classes, one, two and three day workshops.

During workshops we will meet approximately six hours per day, The typical core hours will be from 9:00 – 12:00 and 18:00 – 21:00 although the actual schedule will be posted closer to the workshop. We devote the majority of our sessions to dancing, and balance this with meditations, theory, and special exercises corresponding to the day’s theme. The workshops will end with a sacred ritual.

Additional details

Come with an open heart, wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. A flowing skirt and hip scarf are helpful.

Mystical dance is originally created by Sofia’s teacher Monika Nataraj ( who teaches worldwide.

“The goddess does not rule the world. She is the world.