Meditation Retreats

We offer 7 days to 10 days silent meditation retreat. We will teach you to focus and concentrate your mind then we will guide you to slow down your mind and cultivate awareness of your inner detach witness. Called by different names by different traditions, this state of equanimity, of silence, of stillness, contain in itself the gems of our deepest wisdom as human being . Here is a quote from Ajan Cha a master from Thailand ‘ It s not that the Bhudda who lived long ago comes to talk to us, but this Bhudda nature, ‘the one who knows’, arises. The mind becomes illuminated. This natural state answer our ups and downs with an ever fresh and joyful stand point. Once we have a glimpse of it, it gives us a tremendous resourcefulness to embrace all facets of life.

Ultimately, our goal for the retreat is to take you within yourself in complete new territories, to give you a taste of inner freedom that you will have the choice to cultivate after the retreat. The deep understanding of what meditation is about will give you also discernment to find your path, the path that resonate the most with you.

We will use techniques and teachings from the Buddhist, Sufis, Yogic, traditions. The retreat will alternate sitting meditations, hatha yoga, lectures, break times. You are all welcome from any age to any traditions to learn and share the art of meditation.