First Level Day by Day *, Any time during the First Level Intensive course,COP 50000 per day~~COP30.000 half day
First Level Intensive Course COP 960000 (the teachings only. For accomodation, please check the links bellow or contact us to

From 11th of September to 7th of Octuber 2017~~

From 9th of Octuber to 4th of November 2017~~

From 6th of November to 2th of December 2017~~

From 4th of December to 30th of December 2017~~

From 8th of January to 3th of February 2018~~

From 5th of February to 3th of March 2018~~

From 5th of March to 31th of March 2018~~

From 2th of April to 28th of April 2018~~

From 30th of April to 26th of May 2018~~

From 28th of May to 23th of June 2018~~

From 25th of June to 21st of July 2018~~

For complete calendar, please visit the link of Yoga Retreat on this page.
Sacred Sexuality / Tantra Workshop COP 700.000

From 27th of November to 2th of December 2017~~

From 11th to 16th of September 2017~~
Mystical Dance Workshop,Not active at the moment. We hope to activate this workshop again soon,COP 220000 Three days workshop ^~~COP 70000 One day workshop~~COP 20000 One single class

Meditation Retreat, The dates will be given here to the participants of the First level Intensive course or Tantra workshop,COP 315000 7 days~~COP 450000 10 days^

Yoga Holiday Package, Any time,COP 540000 2 nights/3days


* First Day free. You can join any time for your your first day free during the First level intensive course which is a 4 weeks course, 24 days/courses, from Mondays to saturdays.
^ Only on request
Prices are per person and are only for the teachings.
Accomodation you can organize it with Finca San Pedro where Agama Colombia is located.
Special rates only for long term students (at least one month) at Finca San Pedro, you can see them in the link Accomodation options of our website.
For food we have different options: The one that most students choose is to do one big shooping every week for every one and one cooks for the rest at one of the kitchens of the hostel specially for students of Yoga . There are also very good restaurants including vegetarian food in the city of Sogamoso.

To book, please visit our Contact and Reservation page.