Accommodation Options

Agama Yoga Colombia is located within the farm/hostel Finca San Pedro, where you are welcome to stay either in private rooms or in a very confortable dorm room or in camping specially designated for Yoga students, while doing the Tantra, Yoga and/or Meditation courses. Special rates are available to those participating in our courses and for extended stays. The longer you want to stay the cheaper it gets.

For example: For those staying for the full First Level Intensive which last one month, these are the options for 28 nights:

Private room for one: $1`680.000/month.

Private room for two: $1`120.000/month/person.

Dormitory or share room with other max. 10 students: $700.000/month/person.

Camping or Hammock (if you bring your own equipment): $420.000/month/person

Rooms, rates and photos in Finca San Pedro for normal guests  for short periods of time, are available at the website of Finca San Pedro.

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